Some links to consider:

National Wellness Institute

Wellness Council of America (free resources)

The Interview with G-d (click on view presentation)

United States Department of Health and Human
Services (preventive measures)

Marital Healing
marital healing online
marital healing general site

Shuzi Blood Movie
featuring: Greg Prahm
Fitness and Wellness Consultant

The AlternaView

On the Nature of Reality and Who You Really Are

Relaxation using the principles of Quantum
Mysticism via a visual and sonoral modality

Consciousness and Quantum Mysticism   

Quantum Physics and  Consciousness

Eight Health Laws

The Eight Laws of Health Video

Deep Mystery Meditational Video

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                Don't Worry Be Happy!                       (featuring images of Bob Marley)

Bobby McFerrin You Tube Video
Don't Worry Be Happy

Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)
Very Very Brief  & Selective Biographical Profile

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