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A Simple Test for Product Effectiveness

(taught to me by David Abramowitz, NY Educator)

How Strong is your Chi?

The stronger your chi, the 
larger the number that
registers on the
dynamometer, a.device
used with patients, clients,  
and athletes to measure
grip strength,

How does it work?

            reading which is obtained by the second hand

The following 'low-tech' tests demonstrate the effectiveness of the Shuzi Qi jewelry and many other wearable products, such as Copper Bracelets, Zero Point pendant, Q-Link jewelry, Mega adn High Chi pendants, to name a few. Each test should be performed with and without the product. When testing without the  product, ascertain that it is at least 12 inches away from the test subject.

  1. "T" Balance Test – balance
  2. Tilt Test – strength and balance
  3. Backwards Test – balance
  4. Touch the Toe Test – flexibility
  5. Spread Arms Apart Test – strength
  6. Finger Pull Test – strength

The graphic below is courtesy of  http://www.shuziqi.com/testing.php

There are a number of ways to lessen your stress. Enjoy the benefits of meditation and/or an Audio Visual Stimulation (AVS) system. These devices are controlled by microprocessors and designed to relax the user through the combined use of stimulation eyewear and headphones to block out non-essential sensory stimuli. Please consult with your licensed medical practitioner prior to use for any purpose other than a recreational one. The machine is not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. Additionally, if you have any neurological conditions (e.g. seizure disorders) please consult with your primary care professional before using any AVS whatsoever.

What do you think about using an AVS? Share your thoughts with us at

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The digital version has no second hand; the analog does.

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